Winter 2019-2020 Print

FOCUS Magazine

WINTER 2019-2020 • vol 66 • num 2

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HL Charles, Blessed Creations ©
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  • The President's View
    by Mike McKeever
  • From the Editor
    by Scott Besler
  • Not-for-Profit Hospitals: An Endangered Species?
    by John J. Dalton, MBA, FHFMA
  • Patient Financial Services and Patient Access Committees start the New Year with a Full Day of Education
    by Maria Facciponti, FHFMA and Maria Lopes-Tyburczy, CHFP, CSPPM
  • Hospitals and Post-Acute Providers Can Seize the Opportunity for Joint Success Under PDPM and PDGM
    by Theresa Edelstein, MPH, LNHA, Pam Kaiser, MSN, RN, Jennifer Gross BSN, RAC-CT, CPHIMS & Maria Arellano MS, RN, RAC-CT
  • The Life and Times of Uncompensated Care 2020
    by Fred Fisher
  • Joint Forums Host Successful December Educational Event
    by Betsy Weiss, RN, MPH
  • New Medicaid Maximization Opportunity: A Win for Hospitals and Local Governments Alike
    by Suzanne Ianni
  • Community Food Bank Service Day
  • Holiday Social
  • A Flurry of Reimbursement Wins for Hospitals...Decisive or Pyrrhic Victories? (Part I)
    by James A. Robertson
  • Immunizations and Vaccine-Preventable Diseases: Spotlight on New Jersey
    by Roger Sarao and Amina Razanica

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