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FOCUS Magazine

Spring 2019 • vol 65 • num 3

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Hermitage Press, Inc.
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  • The President's View
    by Erica Waller
  • From the Editor
    by Brian Herdman and Adam Abramowitz
  • How Healthcare Needs are (Not) Being Met
    by Mary Ann Yehl, DO
  • Concierge Medicine, Direct Practice, Retainer Medicine: The Case for its Expansion
    by Thomas W. LaGrelius MD, FAAFP
  • Pricing Transparency is Here – What Now? What Next?
    by Mark Spehar, CPA, PMP, FHFMA, CGMA and Fred Stodolak
  • CMS Adjusts Readmission Penalties in 2019, Attempts Socioeconomic Adjustment
    by Brian Herdman
  • How a Hospital-to-Hospital Transfer Policy Impacts Billing and Coding
    by Mary Devine
  • The Calculation of Uncompensated Care Costs in Medicaid DSH Audits: Where Do We Stand?
    by Paul L. Croce, Esq.
  • Compliance Spring Clean Up Refresher: Are you on Track with your Compliance & Audit Work Plan?
    by Rob Senska, Esq./MBA
  • On A Mission to Create a Healthier New Jersey Adjusting the Focus of the New Jersey Hospital Association
    by Sean J. Hopkins
  • To Improve Newborn Health in New Jersey, Think Beyond Healthcare
    by Nancy Tham, MD
  • Perspectives in Healthcare: Tackling Disparities in Healthcare Requires Challenging Bias
    by Christopher S. Morin and Shane L. Lloyd

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