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FOCUS Magazine

FALL 2020 • vol 67 • num 1

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Jennifer Lenahan Herdman
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  • The COVID-19 Pandemic – How is the U.S. doing? Part 2
    by John Dalton, FHFMA
  • 2020 Annual Institute Goes Virtual
    by Stacey Medeiros
  • Price Transparency: A Win-Win for Hospitals? Yes, Really
    by Paul Shorrosh
  • Don't Get Lost in The Maze of Credit Balances Use analytics and automation to resolve 50%-70% of your credits
    by Peter Angerhofer
  • OSF Healthcare CFO: Future Revenues May Be Less Than Pre-COVID Levels
    by Jack O'Brien
  • Remote Revenue Cycle Sparks Employee Engagement Concerns
    by Wendell White
  • We Must Upskill to Address Social Determinants Upstream
    by Amber Owens
  • The COVID 19 Impact on the Transfer Rule
    by Mary Devine
  • Can't You Hear Me Knocking?
    by John Viggiano
  • COVID-19 Brings Financial Challenges to Hospital Organizations
    by Gordon Jaye
  • Involving Patients in Their Own Care is More Critical Than Ever
    by Julie Gerdeman
  • Optimizing Digital Front Doors with Patient-First Financial Engagement
    by Laura Herman
  • Chapter Awards
  • Career Path to Real Purpose: Nonprofit Leadership
    by Toni Pergolin
  • How Much Insurance Revenue Is Left On The Table & Sitting in Your Closed Files?
    by Karlene Dittrich
  • Telehealth’s Tipping Point: Consolidating Today for Scalability Tomorrow
    by Michael Brandofino
  • Gainsharing – Inpatient Hospital Cost Reduction and Post-Acute Synergies: The Maryland Care Redesign Program Experience
    by Jo Surpin and Geri Weideman
  • The Need for Innovation on Groundhog Day
    by Lauren Beard
  • True Strategic Partners Share The Risk Expect More From Your Vendor, And Get It!
    by Kevin Thornberg
  • How to improve practice financials - A practical guide to revenue cycle management
    by Tom Romeo
  • Significant Changes Coming to 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule: Office Visit Work RVU Increase Leads to Conversion Factor Drop
    by Brian Herdman and Rupal Trivedi
  • Chapter Year-end Financials
  • Institute Sponsor Guide

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