Revenue Integrity Committee

Revenue Integrity Committee

The Revenue Integrity Committee is a forum of professionals involved in the middle of the revenue cycle to ensure that the services rendered get charged accurately and compliantly and are reflected appropriately on the patient's bill. Many members act as a liaison between the financial, clinical and operational leaders at their own organizations, with strong representation on the committee of those with responsibilities related to supporting the charge description master (CDM). An annual event offered each December is a review of the annual coding changes with guidance to operationalize and include in the charge master. Other topics discussed during our monthly meetings include:

  • Reviewing coding and billing guidelines
  • Collaborating on revenue integrity issues
  • Optimizing revenue cycle processes and sharing best practices
  • Maximizing compliant reimbursement
  • Conducting internal charge and chart audits
  • Understanding government regulations and how to operationalize them to ensure compliance
  • Sharing insights on trends in the industry and how to stay ahead of the curve

The committee prides itself on the sense of camaraderie we have established and we welcome others to join our forum.

Committee Chair

Tiffani Bouchard
Panacea Healthcare Solutions
187 Parkwood Drive
Royal Palm Beach , Florida 33411