Position Responsibilities - Secretary

General Description

The Secretary is responsible for maintaining all chapter records of meetings and communicating that data to the appropriate members and other interested individuals. The Secretary is also responsible for attending Board meetings, maintaining all Board Meeting minutes and the timely submission of all Davis Chapter Management requirements.


One Year

Time Commitment:

120 hours/year average or 10 hours/month average

Goals, Objectives and Responsibilities:

  1. Attend Board meetings and develop, distribute and maintain Board minutes in a timely manner.

  2. Attend and record the proceedings of the Chapter strategic planning session.

  3. Attend and record the proceedings for Chapter LTC session.

  4. Work closely with the Program Chair in tracking and reporting educational events.

  5. Serve as DCMS Chapter Representative which entails the following responsibilities:

    • In conjunction with the Program Chair, create and submit an online forecast of all educational events for the year by June 1st. (Chapter Program year is from May 1 to April 30) using the Program Planning Tool as provided by National.

    • Report educational events quarterly with actual attendee numbers and program hours using the Program Planning Tool, Davis Chapter Management System quarterly reporting deadlines are August 10th, November 10th, February 10th and May 10th.

    • Submit a copy of each program agenda supporting the reported educational events in accordance with the deadlines.

    • Report and submit Chapter Newsletter Report form (FOCUS) on appropriate due dates by providing a link to the website where the FOCUS is stored. At least one newsletter should be reported during each reporting period.

  6. Maintain a master listing of all Chapter events inclusive of financial and non-financial statistics (i.e. date, location, P&L results, program and speaker ratings, etc.) that can be utilized as an historical reference document.

  7. Make every effort to attend as many applicable meetings as possible and participate in National conference calls and webinars applicable to Board Officers:

    • Chapter Quarterly Education sessions, the Annual Institute and other National meetings as required.

    • Chapter networking functions.

    • New member breakfast meetings as scheduled.

  8. Maintain all records in accordance with National reporting requirements as well as chapter and National record retention requirements.

  9. Coordinate as appropriate with the Chapter Administrator to ensure an orderly flow of information and timely completion of tasks.

  10. Refer to, and comply with, the Davis Chapter Management System and Planning Calendar and Resource Guide with regard to details on National deadlines and additional resources.