Position Responsibilities - Program Chair

General Description

The Chapter Program Chair is responsible for overseeing the educational planning and efforts of the Chapter. This includes the monitoring of the individual committees responsible for the development and implementation of Quarterly meetings as well as the Education Committee with regard to non-Quarterly educational sessions for the Chapter. 

The Program Chair shall be appointed from the Directors of the Board and shall serve as the Board Liaison to the Education Committee. 

The Education Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating all Chapter educational sessions, including speakers, attendee registration, site arrangements and payment, and meeting follow-up. The Education Committee will include a Chairperson and at least ten (10) other committee members. 

Both the Program Chair and the Education Committee are expected to work closely with other Chapter committees in soliciting ideas and developing programming. Other committees are expected to cooperate to the fullest extent in achieving the education goals of the Chapter. The Program Chair has responsibility for coordinating all educational efforts and facilitating communication across of affected committees.


One Year or as appointed.

Time Commitment:

120 hours/year average or 10 hours/month average

Goals, Objectives and Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinating with the Education Committee, provide a tentative annual educational schedule to the Board with proposed dates and topics no later than the regularly scheduled May Board meeting of each year.

  2. Establish overall Chapter educational goals, which must incorporate all Chapter Planning Tool required data and should include other relevant information such as CBSC targets, program expenses and net program income.

  3. Establish a monitoring system and report plans, progress and results to the Board on a monthly basis.

  4. Coordinate with the Chapter Secretary to ensure that the data required for the Chapter Planning Tool and other DCMS requirements are reported and recorded in a timely manner so as to ensure that all education hours are accounted for and that all Chapter Balanced Scorecard reporting requirements are met.

  5. Coordinate a minimum of four Chapter Quarterly meetings and other educational sessions/webinars during the year on a variety of topics, with the direction of the Board, to meet the members’ needs and educational hour targets.