Position Responsibilities - President-Elect

General Description

The President-Elect shall provide support and assistance to the operation of the chapter. The President-Elect acts in the capacity of the President when the President is unable to be present. The President-Elect is delegated responsibility by the President at his/her discretion. The President-Elect is responsible for securing rooms, food and AV for all chapter quarterly meetings and all other meetings at the designated chapter hotel facility, providing assistance and guidance to committees in coordinating other meetings, negotiating fees with the designated hotel facility, maintaining the chapter calendar and oversight of the annual Yerger Award development and submission process. The President-Elect is also responsible for attending Board meetings.


One Year

Time Commitment:

120 hours/year average or 10 hours/month average

Goals, Objectives and Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate all activities, including room, food and AV requirements, planned for the chapter designated hotel facility, acting as liaison between the chapter and the hotel.

  2. Ensure that all chapter policies and procedures are followed with regard to reserving dates and securing facilities for chapter events (i.e. Event Date Reservation Form).

  3. Negotiate fees for all activities at chapter designated hotel.

  4. Provide guidance and assistance to committees for events planned outside of the designated hotel facility.

  5. In conjunction with the Chapter Administrator, review and approve all promotional materials for chapter events.

  6. Populate and maintain the Chapter calendar.

  7. Coordinate succession planning for committee chairs and co-chairs, through the Board Liaisons, with a target of identifying individual for all applicable roles by April 1st.

  8. Provide a Chapter Leadership Roster to HFMA National listing the slate of officers, directors, committee chairpersons and members for the upcoming chapter year by April 1.

  9. Provide tentative meeting schedule to the Board and to National with proposed dates and topics by June 1st. This information must be submitted online to National thru the Program Planning Tool.

  10. Conduct Annual chapter Strategic Planning meeting, held in April of each year.

  11. Oversee the development of the chapter Strategic Plan and complete and distribute to the Board by June 1st.

  12. Conduct an annual Committee Chair survey and a complete chapter survey every in those years (every other) when National does not conduct its survey.

  13. Ensure that all National requirements and deadlines are met for the upcoming chapter year.

  14. Oversee the annual Yerger Award identification and submission process.

  15. Make every effort to attend as many applicable meetings as possible and participate in National conference calls and webinars applicable to Board Officers:

    • Chapter Quarterly Education sessions, the Fall Presidents Meeting, the Annual Institute and other National meetings as required.

    • Chapter networking functions.

    • New member breakfast meetings as scheduled.

    • Represent chapter at Region III Educational Events.

  16. Attend all meetings that the President is unable to attend as his/her proxy, as necessary.

  17. Maintain all records in accordance with National reporting requirements as well as chapter and National record retention requirements.

  18. Coordinate as appropriate with the Chapter Administrator to ensure an orderly flow of information and timely completion of tasks.

  19. Refer to Davis Chapter Management System and Planning Calendar and Resource Guide for details on National deadlines and additional resources.