Position Responsibilities - Chapter Administrator

General Description

The Chapter Administrator is responsible for supporting the general operations of the Chapter. Primary activities include all forms of member communications, Chapter publications including the Garden State Focusand the weekly Pulse email, Treasurer support functions, event facilitation, support of the President and Board in fulfilling their responsibilities, assistance in meeting National HFMA requirements/deadlines and Chapter website update and maintenance. The Administrator reports to the President of the Chapter and communicates regularly with the President, the Board and Committee Chairs in order to meet the goals and objectives of the Chapter.



Time Commitment:

1,785 hours/year average or 150 hours/month average.


  1. Quarterly Meetings and Educational Sessions

    • Receive registrations via fax, mail, and online through web site.

    • Compile and maintain a meeting registration listing to include the following information: name, title, organization, phone, fax, member status, payment method, check number, any credit or amount due.

    • Verify registrant membership status against National online directory to ensure proper payment.

    • Obtain and track payments based on payment methodology.

    • Create name badges for meeting attendees and speakers (Quarterly Meetings only unless otherwise directed).

    • Ensure that CPE forms and sign-in sheets are available for the meetings (consistent with information from meetings planners and CPE contact).

    • Oversee the registration desk for Quarterly Meetings. (A designated member of the Education Committee oversees registrations for other educational sessions.)

    • Maintain a receivable of amounts unpaid.

      1. Send invoices to attendees whose payments have not been received.

      2. Send follow ups as necessary.

      3. Track payments not received and report to Treasure appropriately.

    • Deposit payments in accordance with current practice.

    • Provide registration data to the Secretary for DCMS purposes.

    • Maintain completed CPE sign-in sheets, agendas, and attendee lists. Scan and forward sign-ins and copies of speaker presentations to CPE Coordinator for CPE files.

  2. Notifications to Chapter Membership

    • Routinely download an updated Chapter membership database from National for mailing/emailing purposes.

    • Develop and email the weekly Pulse email newsletter to the membership.

    • Review event fliers in conjunction with the responsible committee and President-Elect, for finalization.

    • Obtain final event fliers from responsible committee and submit fliers to the printer for final printing and mailing, on an as-needed basis.

    • Send individual event notifications to membership via email on an as-needed basis.

  3. Treasury Functions

    • Prepare and make all bank deposits and initiate paypal account transfers to the bank.

    • Assist the Treasurer in ensuring that all invoices have the appropriate approvals for payment.

    • Compile and annotate all receipts for the monthly American Express bill, forwarding all documentation and bill to the Treasurer for payment.

    • Monitor the Chapter's usage of the conference call lines and reconcile monthly.

    • Serve as the Chapter’s “Card Administrator” with American Express, initiating all new credit cards for the incoming officers, and deactivating those of the outgoing officers.

    • Maintain adequate funding in the FOCUS postage account with the post office. Make requests to the treasurer for additional funding as needed.

    • Communicate all outstanding receivables to Treasurer on an ongoing basis.

  4. Annual Founders Points Update

    • Send out notification to entire membership notifying of timeframes for review and update of their Founders records.

    • Receive updates to Founders Point records from members wishing to make corrections to their records.

    • Process the updates into the online National database.

    • Ensure the update is completed by the date established by National.

    • Review and approve the Founders Awards listing produced by National as a result of the update. Resolve any discrepancies.

    • Coordinate the identification of Medal of Honor eligible members, forwarding list to the President for a Board vote.

  5. Communications Committee/Focus Magazine

    • Attend monthly Communications Committee meetings.

    • Send email notifications to members of the Communications Committee as necessary.

    • Prepare Editorial Calendar for Communications Committee meetings.

    • Handle all administrative duties for the Garden State FOCUS Magazine.

    • Contact potential authors for articles as requested by Editor.

      1. Follow up with potential authors to ensure that all articles are received by the issue deadlines for publication.

      2. Obtain reprint permission for articles as necessary.

      3. Request and obtain any Committee updates for publication as requested by the Editor.

    • Coordinate Spotlight article features.

      1. Contact CFOs/CEOs to complete the CFO spotlight interview questions.

      2. Follow up on the completed questionnaires and obtain photos.

      3. Coordinate the member Spotlight interviews with designated individual.

    • Compile regular magazine features.

      1. Submit the Mark your Calendar dates for publication.

      2. Submit the listings of new members for publication.

      3. Compile and submit Job Bank Summary page.

      4. Obtain from the Chapter President, The President's View.

    • Act as liaison with the printer.

      1. Coordinate the proofing process.

        • Combine edits from all parties that receive first drafts, and submit revisions back to the printer in the master book.

        • Approve all proof copies received (3-4 proofs) up until the final TEK proof. Two proofs are done by hard copy, two-five proofs are done by fax.

        • Obtain an updated membership database for the printer from National

      2. Compile all articles and materials for each issue. Forward hardcopies and electronic documents to the printer.

    • Send courtesy copies of the Focus to all authors as necessary.

    • Maintain a library of past issues of the FOCUS.

    • Other duties as assigned by Editor.

  6. Advertising

    1. Send renewal notices to advertisers two (2) months prior to their expiring issue.

      • Follow up as necessary until a renewal decision is obtained from advertiser.

    2. Send advertising packets to potential advertisers as requested/directed.

    3. Maintain a file on each advertiser to include a completed registration form, contact notes, and copies of all advertisements printed.

    4. Maintain Advertising Receivable

      • Issue renewal invoices.

      • Send follow-up notices as needed.

      • Maintain Spreadsheet showing advertising revenue by issue.

      • Communicate receivable to Treasurer.

  7. Chapter Website

    1. Assist in the maintenance and update of the Chapter’s website in accordance with Chapter policy.

      • Act as liaison between Communications Committee Chairs/webmaster and President/Officers.

      • Provide updates for upcoming events and other time-sensitive information to webmaster.

      • Coordinate other website updates.

    2. Ensure Job Bank ads are current, and new ads are posted within five (5) working days of receipt. Include notification of new postings in the weekly Pulse email.

    3. Obtain annually updated data and provide to webmaster.

      • Photos of Committee Chairs, Directors and Officers.

      • Biographies for above, as appropriate.

      • Committee information including objectives and membership

  8. New Jersey Chapter Member Database

    1. Communicate with members regarding maintaining and updating their demographic and employment data in the National database.

    2. Attempt to locate members when mail returns are received.

      • Encourage member to update their membership information on the National database.

  9. Annual Golf Outing

    • Oversee the production of the Golf Outing brochure to be mailed to the membership.

    • Send notices and reminders to the membership via email blasts and the weekly Pulse.

    • Process registrations as received.

    • Collect money for sponsorships and registrations

      1. Deposit funds

      2. Report financial information to Treasurer

    • Assist in arrangements with the Country Club.

    • Assist in soliciting event sponsors.

    • Assist in registrations at the Golf Outing.

      1. Prepare the registration table brochures.

      2. Coordinate giveaways.

  10. Assistance to Chapter President/Board

    • Order the Founders Awards and Medal of Honor Awards as determined by the Board.

    • Order copies and assist with distribution of other National awards for appropriate individuals.

    • Handle the booking, organization and set-up of the facility retained for the Chapter’s annual Leadership Retreat.

    • Assist in the coordination and submission of Yerger Award applications by the National deadline.

    • Assist other Committees, including Institute, with various projects, as requested.

  11. Other Duties

    • Order and maintain certification training manuals

      1. Send books to members as requested

      2. Maintain waiting lists

    • Maintain the Chapter Post Office Box.

      1. Check box for correspondence as necessary.

      2. Forward any documents received to the appropriate person.

    • Obtain letterhead and office supplies as needed for the Chapter.

    • Respond to member correspondence, phone calls and email inquiries, researching as necessary.

    • Other duties as requested.